Hey there

I’m Phil

I’m the owner of a boutique marketing agency, Focused Creative, the founder of a new shaving product (that’s pretty awesome, actually) The Original PreShave Bar and co-host of The Song Talk Radio Podcast.

You can find links to other stuff I do here as well.

Toronto Branding Design Advertising

Focused Creative : Toronto | St. John's

A small, boutique agency that helps small and medium-sized non-profits, B2B and B2C companies build their brand and boost their bottom-line.

Toronto Branding Design Advertising

The Song Talk Radio Podcast

An “inside-baseball” format weekly Podcast and Radio Show (on CJRU 1280AM Toronto) where songwriters talk about all the fidgety-bits of writing songs. Also, have theme shows where we talk about songwriting-related movies and tips and junk.

Music and other links

The Song Talk Radio Meetup 

(Formerly The Songwriters Cafe, The Songwriters Meetup). I first went to this about a decade ago. Started hosting not too long after. The podcast grew out of this.

Songwriters meet once a month in a bar to present songs-in-progress and get supportive but useful feedback from other songwriters. Now being held via Zoom.

Song Talk Meetup

Toronto, ON
1,665 Songwriters & Producers

COVID-19 UPDATE:All Song Talk Meetups will be held online until it’s safe again to meet in person and the Tranzac re-opens its doors. Check each event for the link to Skype o…

Next Meetup

Song Talk Meetup – April 2021

Monday, Apr 26, 2021, 7:00 PM
6 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

BNI Business Edge

I’m the past president of a B2B business networking group. We meet every Thursday from 7:30am – 9:00am. Now on Zoom, hopefully in person someday (I miss the bacon).


Original Music at SoundCloud

You can find some of my original songs at my SoundCloud page.

The Noise

I have some stuff still on my old personal page. Some into from the old Korg-M1 Mailing list from back in the day as well.


The Parkdale Hookers

I played bass and shared songwriting and vocal responsibilities with the very talented Mark Jeftovic.  Kinda power-pop punk stuff with a corporate edge.


Playing Guitar with Mumbo Jumbo Shrimp

These awesome people asked me to join them for a fun show: